Cutting Edges by Jean-Charles de Ravenel

Exhibition dates are November 14 to
November 22, 2013

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Jean-Charles de Ravenel

Jean-Charles de Ravenel creates collages that reflect his interest in travel, history and the fine arts. Each one of his collages includes period documents and a variety of mementos patiently gathered over time in antique shops, flea markets, auctions houses.

What inspires these collages seem not only to be his wish to document the various themes of most interest to him but rather the attempt to portray the multitude of emotions felt when faced with any particular form of art, civilization or country visited. Through his interest for bibliography, antique prints and photography, he chose the very medium of collage for it’s countless possibilities for creating mosaics of colors and forms.

Always highest priority to him are the themes from which he finds inspiration, that also happen to be a pretext for trying to set in these collages a sense of rhythm and balance amongst the chaos of materials and shapes used. Further more, he also enjoys working on personalized commissions.

Jean-Charles de Ravenel was born and educated in Paris where he owned an Art and Antique Gallery. He moved from France a few years ago and now lives year round in Nassau in the Bahamas with his wife Jackie and their three beloved dachshunds. His four stepchildren live in Portugal, while he and Jackie have a daughter, Rebecca, who lives in New York and works in the world of fashion and decoration.

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