Photographs by Jane Horvitz

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I have been taking pictures for as long as I can remember. My youth was full of travel and the camera was my way to capture the memories of sites and people closest to me. Throughout my life, I’ve noticed all kinds of things that might otherwise be ignored by others, believing that even the smallest detail can form a new and imaginative composition; in turn, surprising people. Even today, I enjoy finding the most mundane of objects in the right light or unusual perspective, and turning them into interesting images.
-Jane Horvitz

The Chinese Porcelain Company is pleased to present Photographs, an exhibition highlighting the summer travel of photographer Jane Horvitz. Horvitz finds joy through the lens photographing common place objects in various light, in hopes of giving each a fresh new perspective.
Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, Jane Horvitz’s inherent passion for photography began as a young girl admiring her father’s love of cameras and extensive travel. Curiosity for all subjects led Horvitz to perceive the finer details of the world around her that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. To her, the smallest elements, when englarged, can yield a complex and creative composition.
Horvitz creates exciting and striking images that immediately draws the viewer in for a closer look. The warmth of a summer sunset or footprints in the sand evoke familiar feelings of nostalgia. Everyday objects and scenery all at once transcend their mundane exteriors into unusual and captivating works of art.
Jane Horvitz is a graduate of Boston University with a degree in history. She has previously shown with Carol Craven Gallery on Martha’s Vineyard.
For more information, please contact Erin Mandley at 212.838.7744 ext. 102.

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