Recent Works by Marina Karella

Exhibition dates are May 9 to
June 6, 2014

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The Chinese Porcelain Company is pleased to present Recent Works by Marina Karella, an exhibition featuring a stunning installation of a mystical landscape that subtly incorporates forty delicate portraits. This is a landmark piece in Karella’s artistic pursuit rooted in portraiture, influenced by her Greek heritage—the notion that “a beautiful mind lies within a beautiful body”.

The idea of time passing is captured: moments are frozen with these fragile and lingering portraits. Each individual face expresses feelings of nostalgia, romance, fragility and meditation. Through these faces, Karella creates a poignant paradox of humanistic desire and inevitable rejection.

Karella’s paintings are executed with graphite, colored pencils, and oil paints on transparent paper that is subtly framed and quietly superimposed on top of three walls covered with a pale illusory and imagined landscape.

Through the various periods in her career, Karella has done work of dark and moody cafes where there is a palpable absence of human breath. Later, in her massive white oil paintings, pale sheets allude to life, love and death. This new body of work captures feelings of lingering absence with tangible presence: real flesh and blood. This exhibition is a personal fulfillment of her ambition to complete a series of portraits on a monumental scale – each vignette is incorporated into a majestically large yet hauntingly forlorn scene.

Established in 1984, The Chinese Porcelain Company offers Asian and European works of art and furniture of the finest quality. Our specialties are Chinese ceramics and works of art for the Imperial, Domestic and Export markets, Asian sculpture, including those of Chinese, Tibetan, Indian, Khmer and Vietnamese origin, French and Continental furniture, ceramics and works of art, and contemporary Chinese paintings.

A portion of the proceeds to benefit S.O.S ELIZA – Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (Greece).

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