Watercolor Landscapes by Ann Bergson

Exhibition dates are December 2 to
December 23, 2014

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The Chinese Porcelain Company is pleased to present Watercolor Landscapes by Ann Bergson, an exhibition featuring twenty-four modern watercolors capturing the essence of fleeting landscapes.

As a cousin of Henri Bergson, she approaches each work with modern intellect. Every landscape is rendered with a reductive vision captured in both short and long vibrant brush strokes of color, and echoed in the barren white spaces of each composition. This balance produces an image that seeks to render each landscape with a fresh perspective.

Ann Bergson has established an international reputation as a landscape watercolourist. Bergson who was trained at the Royal Academy of Arts in Stockholm and later studied in Rome, has exhibited widely in England, France and Sweden. In 1947, while still at the Swedish Academy, she became the youngest artist ever to receive the Generalkonsul Sandberg Award for Watercolour Painting. Despite her international training and her professed admiration for the work of Cezanne, her architectural and topographical views of the Middle East belong to a British tradition of watercolour painting which goes back to David Robert’s landscape of the Holy Land in the early nineteenth century.

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