Wonderland Menagerie

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The Chinese Porcelain Company is pleased to present a second show for New York based artist Scott Houston McBee. McBee evokes the magic and exuberance of our youthful imagination in this new body of work: of his personal menagerie.
McBee grew up amongst quite the crowd of 3 horses, 14 dogs, various cats and other animals–such lively company has shaped and influenced his life and art. As a child, McBee collected and marveled over toy animals, and brings these cherished memories back to life by making them his chosen subjects. In his eyes, they were miniature pieces of art, and he still sees them as such. By rendering this myriad of beautiful creatures in highly saturated pigments, unusual color combinations, and elevated materials such as gold leaf, McBee celebrates and shares a continuing sense of playfulness and joy.
Due to the massive scale and vibrant color palette, the viewer’s eye is immediately hooked and drawn in for a closer peek. Utilizing saturated acrylic and rich prisma colors, McBee renders every detail: from the fur of the llama to the flick of the zebra’s tail. With McBee’s signature flair, each animal wears its own poignant expression and is filled with whimsical quirks. This series memorializes the fantasy of childhood and endless wonder of one’s mind.
–Pierre Durand

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